When does tyler and caroline start dating

In the following episode, 6x17, stefan attempts to make caroline lose control after numerous attempts he finally succeeds.

Caroline and alaric move to texas and become a family, where caroline quickly steps into the motherly role.

She then escaped hell and proceeded to taunt stefan and caroline on their wedding day.

Aidan visits ally at her father's home to explain that he is to blame and tyler is in love with her.

Caroline forbes, a young vampire who wasn't his friend, offers her support to him, helping him through his first transformation and preparation for his new life.

We see tyler's father taking caroline to the met, one of her favorite places in the world.

Vicki then finds peace in the afterlife with tyler, where they continue to watch over matt.

Caroline has a heart to heart with her mom, who eventually accepts caroline being a vampire, but caroline still decides to compel her and liz loses her memory of the whole ordeal.

Once the transfer is complete, tyler returns to his body, as klaus does the same to his own.

When does tyler and caroline start dating

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Forbes (based on caroline forbes from the novels) is elena gilbert and bonnie bennett's best friend.

He steals klaus's family as retaliation, and uses them as blackmail, when that fails (the witches give klaus the coffins when he threatens to end the bennett line), stefan threatens to drive elena off wickery bridge with vampire blood in her system if klaus does not get his hybrids out of town, klaus agrees at the last minute.

Tyler accompanies his sister back to school and when her classmates tease her for her new haircut, tyler turns violent and ends up in jail.

Tyler sits in his fathers chair and notices that the screensaver on his father's computer is pictures of their family.

Stefan, elena, damon, jeremy, meredith, bonnie, caroline, matt and tyler mourn alaric's last moments before he isolates himself to die.

Neil's partner recognizes tyler with ally on a train, so neil breaks into tyler's apartment and confronts him.

Valerie later helps alaric find where his unborn twin daughters are and it turns out that jo's gemini coven spelled the twins out of jo's dying womb and into caroline's vampire womb, shocking alaric and caroline.

Season three, carol finds out that caroline forbes is a vampire and when caroline tries to leave the lockwood mansion after she slept with tyler, carol shoots her in the back with vervain darts.

Chang portrays ivy in season six, she is first introduced as stefan's human girlfriend who is later turned into a vampire after a visit from enzo and caroline.

When did caroline and tyler start dating

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During the plan to get the cure, caroline and tyler watch over klaus, while he's trapped in the living room of the gilbert household by bonnie.

When john gilbert sees anna lying in the building with the other vampires, he stakes her, possibly out of mercy for her to receive a less painful death or out of anger that she was dating his nephew.

[31] heroes star jack coleman was cast as bill, a former resident of mystic falls and the father of resident vampire caroline, who first believes his daughter has become a monster, but later accepts her.

" during this conversation caroline tells ally that the met is one of her favorite places in the world.

Caroline is the daughter of the sheriff of mystic falls, liz forbes, with whom she had a troubled relationship but later on in the series they gain a beautiful loving relationship.

They do not leave her alone, angering caroline and as revenge she kidnaps sarah salvatore, stefan and damon's niece, and blackmails stefan to also turn off his humanity so that he will stop.

In the last day she was compelled to make a phone call to tyler, saying that she was in the hospital and she wants him to come and visit.

Stefan's guilt washes over him and greatly impacts his relationship with caroline and friendship with bonnie.

His hostile behavior frightens her and she was further shaken after mason lockwood steps in to calm tyler down.

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Bonnie finally makes a secret deal to reincarnate klaus in the body of tyler so that her friends wouldn't die (however no one else knows this, as they all believe that klaus was lying about being the head of their bloodline).

Stefan then tells john that elena does not want him there (this was due to his attitude toward stefan and all vampires) and he threatens to turn him into a vampire if he does not leave.

She notices pictures of michael and that tyler has a tattoo on his chest that says michael.

He asks her to make him forget, but he secretly has vervain in his system and only pretends to forget, a plan sheriff forbes came up with after he had told her about caroline.

Tyler says i won't let that happen and he invites his father to dinner with him and ally before the art show.

However, caroline is still in with matt and they get back together as soon as tyler leaves town.

Klaus wants elena and damon to find stefan in order to get his coffins back but when they refuse, he gets a hybrid to run over jeremy who has been off vervain due to tyler's influence and has been compelled by klaus.

In home, luke's neck was snapped by caroline forbes in order to motivate liv to cast a spell to resurrect him, stefan salvatore and the rest of their deceased friends on the rapidly disintegrating other side.

Season three, elena does everything in her power to make stefan regain his humanity, which he switched off to satisfy, as well as tolerate, klaus.

She's seen in the series finale as watching over caroline with a clear look of happiness, as she's clearly proud of her daughters accomplishments.

Season five, elena starts at whitmore college and is happy after spending the summer with damon.

However, he is now free to return to mystic falls after klaus grants caroline a present for her graduation being that tyler is now allowed to return to mystic falls.

Further on in the series, damon and stefan start to bond as brothers again and it becomes apparent that they do love each other.

The clients of tyler's father offer to leave and he yells, "sit the fuck down!

Tyler eventually realizes that is sire bond to klaus is bad for both him and the girl he loves, and breaks it by turning into a werewolf many times in order to no longer feel thankful for klaus for taking the pain of his transition away.

Klaus returns to mystic falls in an attempt to gloat over a dying katherine, but is distracted by caroline in the woods.

When the spell had worn off, klaus told tyler to run, because klaus would kill him for tormenting and teasing him.

Caroline gives birth to their twins, named josie and lizzie (after jo and liz forbes).

Vampire Diaries 4x06 - Tyler & Caroline get into a fight "I agreed to go on a date with him"

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Tyler, stefan, and damon use the desiccation spell on klaus, "killing" him without killing tyler.

Caroline discovers a more sensitive and romantic side of klaus no one would have suspected.

To caroline leaving stones on tyler's grave and we hear a voiceover of tyler saying he forgives michael for killing himself.

She learns about the existence of vampires in mystic falls from rebekah and helps her gain information from elena, stefan and caroline about the cure for vampirism.

Stefan and caroline use their 'wedding' to lure katherine out after her escape from hell, but when she fails to show, the two carry on and get married.

Julian (in tyler's body) ripped out stefan's heart killing him and sending him to the disintegrating other side.

When he fails to show up, tyler confronts him in a board room filled with people, which causes his father to explode.

See tyler looking out the window of his father's office as if he heard something.

After caroline is taken captive by a group of werewolves and tyler hesitates to come to her rescue, caroline breaks off their friendship.

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Klaus contacts Chicago witch Gloria to help him find the reasons why his plan isn't working as he expected. Gloria, though able to ...

Season eight, stefan had entered into a relationship with caroline (and later engagement) while he searched for damon.

Later in the episode, lily manages to trigger stefan's humanity, and he is now determined to get caroline back to normal.

In a voice-over of his diary, tyler reveals to michael that he loves him, and he forgives him for killing himself.

Despite judgement from tyler, caroline refuses to feel guilty for her actions and builds a strange friendship with enzo.

Both the girls meet their new roommate megan, caroline starts to panic thinking that megan knows that they are vampire.

Stefan starts to build a friendship with caroline forbes after she is turned into a vampire.

He pretends to caroline that his humanity is off and they get locked up together in a b&b in grove hill by damon and elena.

Shortly after, caroline is forced to say goodbye to her stefan when he sacrifices his life to save elena and his brother.

Tyler refuses to go along with klaus' latest demand, and is surprised when klaus seems to accept his decision.