When should you take down online dating profile

He goes to this site and changes his status without thinking about his profile text and logs out.

Coffee meets bagel coffee meets bagel (cmb) is a free dating service that helps members make meaningful connections.

Am a woman in my early 50s and i have been dating my boyfriend who is a year older than me for about 8 months.

This point i dont want to even mention to him that im aware hes quite active, especially on match which my sister says allows for various forms of communication with people unlike the site id met him on, where his original profile remains active.

If they are still online while doing all this but say its your fault for not asking earlier, than find someone who has your best interests at heart.

Ive talked to a lot of women where this type of situation can drag on for months only to see the man start dating another woman.

Leaving a profile up, you are sending a message that you are continuing to look.

***ladies please,i know this is very hard to understand and comprehend and digest, but plain and simple if you have been in a relationship with a guy and it has been over 2 months or so and he has told you that you are exclusive and that he does not want to be with anyone else, yet he still keeps his profile up even after you have confronted him plain and simple, the guy is not that into you!

I got my revenge though and set him up by using a friends profile to catch a great big rat (and even though it was me he was writing to he still lied and lied and lied) and i caught him out big time.

When should you take down online dating profile

When To Take Down Your Online Dating Profile

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I think you should make sure some others in your life are aware of whats going oni dont feel very equipped to help you very well if things are turning abusive.

I expected to see the original profile from when we first meet but this one was different and his profile picture was a picture of him and his daughter that we took after we moved in and decided to take family portraits to hang around the house.

He also said that i should know that if he had a chance to get online, he would have texted me as he always does.

I confronted him about it, we broke up, and then he came crawling back to me 2 weeks later and deleted his okcupid profile.

He told me hes not into the casual thing with other girls, i know hes active on his dating profile.

He wanted to look, he could hide his profile and still peruse the women (assuming youre on a site that has this feature).

Two days ago, someone brought his pof account to my attention, knowing that we were together, so i got online and checked it out.

This sounds simple, but online daters rarely think of this as an important step or action and it is.

Took 6 months to tell me he loved me, but still has his profile up even tho its hiddenand i just grew on him like a comfortable old shoelol.

When should you take your online dating profile down

Online Dating - How Soon Should You Take Down Your Profile?

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I recently started seeing this guy and we met through an online site a long time ago but we just started talking through facebook.

Are you ok with having sexual relations with one another while your profiles are active?

Approach it from the stance that you want to understand where hes coming from (but also that you think you should be taking the profiles down).

I said that he really should think about changing that if his goal is simply to date around.

So i never talked to him about the dating site but i found out that he isnt using the site we met on anymore but that he has set up an account for a totally different site and tried to hide that its really him so that no one will know.

So, i do happen to have a differing opinion and do not believe that most times shes just not that into you, i actually believe it is just the opposite- i think for many who are new to online dating- and this might be her, as well- she has insecurities about exposing her feelings for fear of anticipating too much too soon in this very complex world of dating.

. even if after i take mine down, because it is just a profile and i have decided (just now) after reading all these comments that unless he cheats and i can prove it (and i will be gone) nothing else matters.

Ive been dating someone for a month now, we have been sleeping together regularly and hes super affectionate with me in public.

One thing you shouldnt do is verbally attack the guy or start throwing out ultimatums.

When to Take Down Your Online Profile

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I have read what you have written on this subject and i know you said that men are slower to remove their profiles than woman so my question is how long is reasonable to wait for him to do this before you say something or begin to feel offended by it?

Re-enable your profile, let him know that you no longer consider your relationship exclusive but you hope to continue to date him, and then start looking for other guys to date.

Was feeling unsure (trust issues from being cheated on 2 out of 3 boyfriends) and so i created a fake profile (something i am not very proud of).

If after dating for almost 3 months, he is still having his profile(s) open, thenhe is just a bunch of bs, clearly not that into you regardless if he takes you to nice dates on the weekends.

Have discussed with the other person the prospect of moving the relationship forward and have decided that removing your profiles is a good test to see whether a new level of commitment feels right.

We met later that day and he told me his friend had informed him earlier in the week that id been on it a bit and he was shocked and angry and thats why he used this other profile.

And taking down your profile especially if youre on the same site can unwittingly add unwanted pressure on the other person and strain your developing romance.

If he cant bring himself to take his profile down no matter how much you talk about it, i think you need to consider keeping your options open as well.

I dont know what to do, put my profile back up, question him again or what.

When Do You Take Down Your Dating Profile?

When is it time to take down your online profile? When should HE?

I am one to not talk with other men when i am a few dates into seeing a guy, but we arent to that place of discussing taking down profiles yet.

Strange thing is, while i deleted my profile from the site on which wed met, he hadnt and i assumed hed just cease using it or hide his profile and not renew his subscription but, turns out he has a match membership discovered by my suspicious sister whose brought it to my attention.

Once the exclusivity talk came up (from my end): i asked if he was still on that dating site, because i took my profile down about two weeks after we met.

Its a dilemma thats more common than you think when online dating turns into an offline relationship.

About a month into dating, i knew i really liked him and wanted to see where it was going to go.

And no a guy views dating so differently to us that it can only be expected that removing his profile is repeatedly a delayed occurrence.

My profile was still up i did message him while he was online and made a little joke about him being there one day and his response was that when people make the effort they at least deserve a polite no thank youbut thats been a month ago.

I was able to get a hold of his phone last week and saw that he had the dating site application on it.

Question: do the same mechanics apply vice versa (woman continues to browse the onlinedating site)?

When Do You Take Down Your Online Dating Profiles?

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Occasionally joke on how we get emails in our personal email accounts saying people are still trying to contact us and we should probably take them down because we feel bad that people are trying to contact us especially when you open an email in your personal account because it shows that you have read the email to the sender even if you havent logged on.

Been dating my boyfriend for 6 months but he continues to be active on dating sites.

I also took more time to look at his profile than i originally did the last time, and i noticed that at some point he uploaded a recent picture that he actually just posted to facebook back in april.

He really loves you and agrees you are exclusive, the profile needs to come down.

If you guys are planning vacations and are seeing each other soo frequently, he should have more respect for you and not have any active accounts.

Now 5 weeks later i will be meeting his kids and going to a family gathering soon but he is still online.

Not in that place to talk about exclusivity but one thing that i find bothersome for me is when i see he is online immediately after ive left his place or hes left mine.

I try to kind of ask, but he always makes me feel so stupid for asking, as i should (and think) i trust him.

Ive lived in a military town my whole life, and i avoided dating military men for that entire reason.

When to Remove Your Online Dating Profile

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And then i saw that he actually had been online in the last 3 or so days.

We have fun when were together but i just dont know if i should trust him.

Then he gets an email from an interested woman and he says, oh wow, i need to update my profile.

I am in my late 40s and was seeing and sleeping with a man in his late 50s who i learned was very active on the dating site we met on.

Do you think he will change, or should i just move on and find someone else?

, as im getting this question more and more often, im hoping the details ive included here can help you reach the point where he realizes there is no reason for him to keep his profile active any longer.

About three months into dating, i knew i was starting to fall in love with him and i was bothered that his profile was still active, he would be on at least every other day.

! i just found out today he has another profile on pof i want to date other men but now i feel stuck.

This doesnt make leaving his profile up is rightbut it could mean that he is committed to you even though he is taking an action that suggests otherwise (so dont lose all hope!

When to take down your dating profile? How to catch a cheater online?

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