When to remove online dating profile

I told him it was iffy and i had hidden my profile because im not sure about it all together.

All that wasted time waiting for him to make the right choice only to have him start dating someone else.

I mean, if he meets someone else online its not as if youre exclusive any longer.

Suggest talking with him and encouraging him to let you know when hes feeling down or tempted to create a profilebut you need to be open and understanding if hes going to be that honest with you (so no attacking if he admits hes feeling that way).

If a woman continued intereacting with men she was meeting online, the man shed been planning a future with wouldnt dismiss it as innocent.

Obviously what you describe doesnt sound good (in the sense that it seems like hes telling you one thing and then says something online that is different to your sister).

I met him online, soon after romeo proclaimed adoration and love for me he deactivated his account as he said he is % sure i was the one his been looking for.

Possible his profile is still up, but he hasnt logged on since he asked you to be exclusive.

Low and behold, he had been online sometime in the last week, and had added new pictures.

When to remove your online dating profile

When to Remove Your Online Dating Profile

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A few weeks later we broke up for 5 days i activated my profile and gave a guy my number.

This could remove some of your problems but it would also be nice for those who are still dating online and trying to find someone interested (and obviously youre not!

So i texted him jokingly that then whatsapp must be messing with me, because it says he was last online last night around 9pm.

Fact im doing it right now from my recon profile and it doesnt show im online or have been online in the last hour.

I dont want a woman to know i viewed her or that im online now.

Writing that postreally held me accountable and i made myself available to dating in real life.

Then he gets an email from an interested woman and he says, oh wow, i need to update my profile.

If someone ive been dating for 3 weeks asks if we can focus on just getting to know each other, exclusively, its not enough to hide my profile?

, if my wife told me that she put an online dating profile up because she was a piscesthat wouldnt fly with me!

When to remove online dating profile

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Instead i think if there is no mention from him after 6 week i would find it easier to just ignore him & move on to dating over guys.

If after a week his is still up, you could try dropping hints: maybe mention that you took your profile down or talk about how you enjoy spending time with him.

, as im getting this question more and more often, im hoping the details ive included here can help you reach the point where he realizes there is no reason for him to keep his profile active any longer.

Definitely not defending what he did (i disagree with it and think it was wrong of him to do so) but you did get a much better response than many women: he removed the profile quickly and i think he was a lot more honest than most guys in admitting that creating it made him feel better.

I thought i'd taken the profile down, but it turns out that i was paid up for another couple of months, so they kept it active," austin recalls, adding: "having that confirmation email from the online dating site saved my butt!

If the reason his profile is still up is completely innocent, its still a bad sign she doesnt feel free to just ask him about it.

Your profile up, give him a few more weeks to step up to the plate, and go with since were exclusive now, does that mean i should take my profile down?

He did, when we spoke i said i was upset, i just seen his profile and how it changed and we were literlally with each other hours ago.

The two decided to become exclusive and mutually agreed to take down their online dating profiles.

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I also feel really guilty for the snooping online i cant believe i have resorted to this im ashamed .

You been dating exclusively for 3 months or have you not had a talk on being exclusive?

Im happy to say i accomplished all those things and with support from my best friend, decided to start dating again but i was certainly not looking for a relationship or to get serious.

Today, i emailed him and asked him if he is dating people from the site and that we should both take our sites down and focus on each other.

Even if a woman had been cheated on, the message would still be id like to commit to dating you.

I really like this gy so i want to give him a chance to delete the profile of his own accord.

Ive dont a ton of research on this and cannot find any explanation of how a dating profile can show recent activity if the user has not been on for supposedly over a year.

On, my now boyfriend and i started dating and it was casual dating for both of us.

When he says hell take it down when the time is rightwell, if youre dating someone and you keep telling her youre not going to date anyone else then the right time is now!

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Sure, there is a degree of romance in having the guy take down the profile on his own.

Are you ok with having sexual relations with one another while your profiles are active?

Lied when he said he added pictures to his profile just to see if i would notice and to see if i was still online.

How do i let what would normally be a wonderful relationship (if it were not for his dating profile) progress, or how do i let it go?

He told my fake profile in his last email 2 days back that there was no spark between us & thats why he kept it casual.

Also, you might want to ask him why he wants to keep his profile up if you are using words like that.

And no a guy views dating so differently to us that it can only be expected that removing his profile is repeatedly a delayed occurrence.

My friends and i have heard men make a lot of excuses about why their profiles are still up: i thought i did take it down, i couldnt figure out how to hide it (from a man with a phd), i dont even know why im still on there (when hes logging on daily), i only write to tell people im not interested (when he later admits hes still actively dating others).

After that i did what any respectable women would do and i deactivated by online profile.

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So i made up another profile to see if he would chat and low and behold, he started chatting and added me as his favourite!

I messaged a guy on a dating site and we texted for weeks before finally meeting up.

I recently started seeing this guy and we met through an online site a long time ago but we just started talking through facebook.

I do have some advice but lets first look at one readers email and user this as an example for better understanding where you stand with your guy:My issue comes with him still having his profile up, and with my curiosity getting the best of me, i check almost everyday just to see when he last logged on seems to be every few days or so.

His response actually makes me wonder if he even realizes that he could hide his profile.

I find this truth out many many months after dating when she kept walking up into his house and always there when i came over.

I found he was still on there, not just on there, but online now and he had added a new picture with a shirt that i got for him for christmas.

. when i think back i am surprised to find that each and every time it was i who decided when he should have an opinion about me, i decided when he should take down his profile and actually i decided everything about timing etc based on my instinct and my feelings.

He starting to show signs that he is interested in me and i am meeting his friends already and its been 2 weeks of dating.

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So, i put my profile back up today and i am not going to tell him.

So, i asked why do you have the profile up when you know it bothers me this way?

I dated a guy for a month or so, he wanted to become exclusive, but wouldnt take his profile down.

About three months into dating, i knew i was starting to fall in love with him and i was bothered that his profile was still active, he would be on at least every other day.

Met my current boyfriend online a couple months ago, he kept mentioning thing about me being his girlfriend so 2 weeks ago i asked if we were together and he said yes.

However, if we use your examples of the real world versus online dating (and really a case that you appear to make that they should operate more similarly): if it were the real world instead of online dating wouldnt you have been more firm that he shouldnt be talking to another woman/making himself available to other women?

He was sent to them as a mutual match and it showed that he was online that day within one hour after he had with me in bed the night prior.

I dont think that means that you should have concerns that youre being cheated on, but i do think you should have concerns around why does he feel that he still needs to be checking his dating profile?

Is the thing when we met online, he stated that he wanted long term, his last best friend , or something along those lines.

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