When will tony and ziva hook up

In the same way ziva is not the age that cote is, tim is not seans age, tony is not michaels age, abby is not pauleys etc.

Tony invites her to call gibbs personally, reminding that on the phone, hes a functional mute.

She loves him, but not in the best way that tony needs, now at least.

I do wish ziva did not leave but she was not killed off and can come back.

To ziva/tony: i for 1 as well as many others, are thrilled to be free of the ziva;/tiva crap and want tony free to move on to someone who will respect him as a man and maybe even as an agent.

Geeze, let zcis leave with cdp and let tony have his own story for a nice change.

Its been #1 for sometime now & most shows like to go out on top, look at suv not #1, but ;if ncis wants to go out on top this is the11th season i dont think they will push it.

Much like lbhe was a gift to the fans who had been watching since day 1, this episode, for those who chose to step beyond their vision of ziva and/or tiva, was very much a gift to fans who enjoyed the character for years.

While anti tiva fans want a friend zoned good bye and clean break, with tony freed to be turned back into a character who moves on and becomes the competent, sexy, talented, and indispensable agent he was before his character was marginalized to accommodate tiva and the super ziva agenda.

Ncis do dinozzo and ziva hook up

Your posts here im betting you are a ziva and a tiva fan so let me guess that would be you, your friends and all your various accounts?

To ziva tony is a class-clown and she loves him for that, because a serious, focused tony makes her (and mcgee) look bad.

Dont know if ill watch the show again dont want to see tony with another girl dont want this story to end no more interest without her even if michael is my best male actor since dark angel.

I say, the quicker ziva leaves, the better and dont let the door hit you in the *** when u go.

I know that many of zivas most rabid fans could care less about facts as long as they can whine about her poor poor victimhood, but this gal is not a victim.

And i firmly believe that they should have given ziva more than fifteen minutes of air-time after eight years.

I realize gary, scott, and gina were under immense pressure, but the lack of ziva and the (lack of) heavily promoed tiva payoff had me scratching my head.

That eight-year holding pattern will be dealt with, but more important than that is what happens next.

Operative word you used is talkin actuality it appears that ziva has slept with more people on the show than tony has.

Do ziva and tony hook up

(tony/ziva) the kiss & end scene; "...you have always had my back..."

Warning: spoilers for ncis season 7 episode 2 entitled reunion. *** i never upload scenes....but damn, i had too*** & lol to the fact ...

Know they didnt have much time but seriously between the case and tony looking for her we got less than 20 minute of ziva.

Doesnt matter that they finally destroyed the wonder woman mossad princess barbie & finally gave us just ziva.

Ziva did not make this show great, and now maybe we can focus on all the members of the cast that did!

Much zivas welfare weighed on tonys mind was very evident through the first half-hour, first as he imagined her seated on the airplane next to him, then when tony saw a young ziva outside her childhood apartment.

Also know it is not the tony show, but since i cant see how or why he should have to be tied to a character who is no longer on the show, im compelled to lobby for his freedom from said character.

It seems some of the more invested tiva/ziva fans wont be happy unless there are declarations of undying love and love making with tony permanently tied to an absent ziva.

Dinozzo senior, perfectly portrayed by the dapper robert wagner found a photo of ziva and tony, tali points out her mother and says mama in hebrew and then she sees tony in the same photo and says papa in hebrew.

Is tony ever going to be featured as gibbs intelligent, brave, and indispensable second in command again?

Cant speak for the others, but personally, my expression of free tony is the hope that the tony character will be able to continue with the growth he began in seasons 3 and 4growth which was put on the back burner to accommodate the tiva storyline.

When will tony and ziva hook up

NCIS - Tony and Ziva in Love Maybe

The witness, Nora Williams, kills time on the flight by asking Tony and Ziva why they never hooked up. Watch NCIS on Tuesdays ...

They need to get a woman on there for tony and gibbs, before the series females out!

Actually really enjoyed her exit it did what i thought an episode of ncis would never do make me sympathize with ziva, and wish her well.

We knowits all about the way tiva fans think this should have played out as the great romance payoff & who cares about the rest of the fans of this show or the character of tony.

Is apart of ncis the entire team should of got to say goodbye to her not just tony.

, if its your preference to watch every episode of ncis in season 11 to see if ziva is mentioned or if tony is still in mourning, be my guest.

She left for personal reasons, will not discuss why and said, when interviewed by tv guide, it was not something with much thought that it was spur of the moment decision.

Will he ever get a juicy undercover assignment which features mws versatility as an actor and doesnt make tony look stupid?

Well get spoilers that dont relate to ziva or tiva and we can actually discuss the show again.

At least a growing number of supporters seems to be a good start (compared to people claiming the show was about tony, gibbs and ziva, possibly mcgee if im lucky, and everyone else was only supporting characters or something like that, which makes me kinda angry, because theyre not!

Cdp did an amazing job of showing that big girl ziva was finally dealing with the demons that little girl ziva had seenand in her own eyes had become.

In one episode, member s of the ncis team discussed their rent and tony mentioned that he owned this place.

), ducky, palmer and vance, but let me say that, though tonys been on the screen more than the above mentioned characters all together, it hasnt been a wonderful screentime for the most part.

Can hear tony singing as he shakes of the shackles that have held him for eight long years, then in that one moment in time, i will be.

.Tony returns zivas necklace to her, then observes, you were looking back as she went into hiding, visiting the place her mother was killed, her grandparents grave and ultimately the house where she was born.

What i got from this and the remarks made by michael at the tcas is that all three groups will be satisfied; pro-tiva, anti-tiva and ambiguous.

I love mark michael pauley sean & rocky but ziva has made tony grow up & tony has lightened ziva up.

They would have kept that tiva holding patter going for another 8 years if they couldbut shes leaving so they (writers, showrunner) are forced to make changes and use ziva leaving to create new story lines and cause character development.

I think that will be fun, light-hearted, and return ncis to the funny, quirky show it used to be, not the heavy, soap opera drama it has become.

You didnt like the ending, but by your posts on here you probably wouldnt have liked any ending for ziva.

They did have a case to solve and any cote scenes were tied heavily to tony and the tiva issue.

Mcgee said he hadnt been answering for awhile maybe they will give ziva her wish for a boy and girl one day!

When tptb decided to not shoot the only real tiva scene (if it werent for this job) and friend-zoned tiva with an anticlimactic, no romantic, no hot but very brotherly tonys kiss on zivas forehead.

Where was the tough ziva i loved and was hoping to get a little more of on her last episode?

Thats not taking anything away from ziva, but syndication always buffs good shows in later seasons.

Soon enough, as tony and director elbaz scrutinize security cam footage, they discover that ziva and deena had reunited, the day ziva last texted tony.

Now that the little iva is gone, tony will be free to be himself instead of the whipping boy he has become because if her.

& they actually took a huge step in redeeming ziva from the cold, kick butt ninja assassin to a real person who suddenly sees what shes done over the years & knows that it affected other people.

This was t the ziva show and you need to stop, it is over she wanted to move in and so should you.

.Armed by elbaz with the mossads files on ziva (as well as her star of david necklace), tony begins a months-long search that proves fruitless or so he allows gibba to believe, until its revealed that ziva was at his side during that check-in with d.

) sometimes i felt like theyd asked someone to write something whod never ever watched or heard of the show and thus had no idea about the characters and their traits (or at least not about anyone but ziva, tony and gibbs, who seemed to be the only important bits).

He is too old for continued one-night stands; he should really find that caring for ziva for so long has made him ready for a permanent relationship.

But i know that many tiva fans were basically ziva fans who looked at tony as a flattering accessory for ziva rather than the multi dimensional and adult character he originally was.

And with the place that ziva was at it does not make sense that she wouldnt have those goodbyes with abby and ducky and everyone:(.

I am worried you will beat up a woman next time you get made at a tv show that shows you a commercial you disagree with.

Matters is that they went after pleasing all of their fans instead of just those that wanted the kick butt ninja & tony falling at her feet professing his love.

Is, if the premise of the show changes too much and we wont have castle and beckett working together along with the precinct anymore, i surely wont be watching on a regular basis, because the essence of what got my interest will be gone:(.

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