Will destiny have raid matchmaking

Really excited about it because its going to allow solo players and clans to find each other and help each other do activities, said steve cotton, destiny 2s world design lead.

People who wants to raid with premades still can do it too so it doesn't effect them at all.

"i think rather than say 'yeah, we're going to make matchmaking for raids,' the way i'm thinking about this problem is how we're going to create that kind of content and create those kinds of emotions in matchmade activities.

Goldreply[]purplepoop12 0 points1 point2 points 2 months ago(2 children)with how much communication raids in destiny require and the length of time they take to complete i sure as hell hope not.

I do appreciate what smith is saying, cant some of us (like me) that dont have five other people playing on the same day at the same time have an option to at least play with randoms?

So a lack of matchmaking isn't really going to change the course of my day one way or another, other than the fact that i'm writing about a feature i never thought about for a game i don't like all that much.

Will destiny ever get raid matchmaking

Destiny - NO Raid Matchmaking!

When we first learned about a new mode coming to the brand new sci-fi shooter that was Destiny.. we were very excited for what it ...

Plan to make raids more accessible is to leverage the strength of its existing communities, the homegrown groups of players called clans, and allow them for the first time to invite non-clan members to join them on their adventures.

The division had a raid finder so i don't think it's a really hard thing to implement into the game.

's probably news that comes as a pretty big blow to many diehard destiny fans.

The new forumxfacebook icontwitter icongoogle-plus-icon-logoyoutube iconrss iconsearch iconsearch for: hotps4ps vrpsnps vitareviewsvideosforums psls news ps3 / playstation 3 news, trophies, reviews, and more ps4 news, trophies, reviews, and morebungie explains why destiny doesnt allow matchmaking for raidsnovember 2, 2015.

Goldreply[]purplepoop12 0 points1 point2 points 2 months ago(0 children)all i'm saying is that if you really wanted to raid you would.

Goldreply[]seg7 0 points1 point2 points 2 months ago(1 child)instead of matchmaking i would like to see lfg implemented ingame, picture this.

Will destiny ever have raid matchmaking

Destiny Bungie Hints at Raid Matchmaking // Should it happen?

Destructoid recently popped out an article about possible matchmaking for raids! feel free to go take a read for yourself!

151 comments a couple of 1080x1080 emblems for xbox gamerpic380 174 comments no matter where you stand on destiny 2, do not move against your fellow fans148 123 comments after watching many gameplay videos from the reveal, i have legitimate concerns about power weapons in pve.

Players mustuse third-party websites, or have friends in real life who they can coordinate with, in order to form raid teams.

Course, even without matchmaking, there are still a number of other updates coming to the game with the update called 'dark below'.

Destiny, the only way to get into high-level raids was to gather your friends together online and jump into a game together as a party.

Only reason I gave up on Destiny because I had no friend who plays destiny so I couldn't play raids.

Asked if bungie would be takingmatchmaking for raids off the table, cotton replied, "no, no.

Will destiny have matchmaking for raids

Please use /r/fireteams, /r/destinysherpa, /r/cruciblesherpa, or the team up tuesday thread instead.

, obviously this is just one statement from one bungie designer, but it implies something bigger: that bungie, as a whole, has been talking about matchmaking for raids "a lot.

You were hoping to log-in to destiny, fire up the game menu and open an option to instantly find a good raid team via a matchmaking tool.

.Traditional matchmaking will still feature prominently in other parts of the game, cotton said, like strikes and the player-vs-player crucible.

Goldreply[]go_hojo 1 point2 points3 points 2 months ago(0 children)the people who want raid matchmaking don't want raid matchmaking.

A very entertaining interview over at metro's gamecentral, bungie'sworld design lead on destiny,steve cotton, hinted at something that fans have been clamoring for for a long time.

Does destiny have raid matchmaking

Destiny 2: NEW RAID & MATCHMAKING INFO! Possible Locations, Clan Features & Group Rewards

Destiny 2: The New Raid & Matchmaking Features Explained ▻ DESTINY 2 NEW GEAR & EXOTICS ...

Something like specific place where you can stand or put your name on a list and other people who want to raid can message you.

I would much rather matchmake to find a fireteam, work with them, and then decide to establish a friendship/connection for future matchmaking than work upfront to find a fireteam that may or may not work out anyway.

By alex co bummed at not being able to match up with random people for destinysnow-infamous raids?

That's not hard for the most dedicated players, but it's a pretty huge barrier to entry for many people, myself included, who are more casual destiny players with busy schedules and families.

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Goldreply[]honkhorn 0 points1 point2 points 2 months ago(0 children)matchmaking could have filters to weed out the inexperienced if you mean that.

Will destiny have raid matchmaking

Destiny: Should Raids Have Matchmaking? - Fireteam Chat

The crew of Fireteam Chat discusses the pros and cons of implementing matchmaking for Destiny's end-game PVE content.

Smith shoots down the idea that they need traditional tools that people are accustomed to, when discussing matchmaking.

21 more 4014 554 comments bungie please learn from destiny 1 and add content with destiny 2 expansions instead of replacing content343 65 comments bungie, please have a "stay as team" option in crucible like overwatch does141 148 comments is anybody else excited that they are slowing down crucible?

21 comments middle schook band plays cabal stomp000discussiondo you think destiny 2 will have raid finder?

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Goldreply[]potty trained dtg ogrenoob35746 0 points1 point2 points 2 months ago(0 children)i will not be using matchmaking for raids.

With destiny 2, bungie hopes to open up endgame experiences to more players than ever before with a novel guided games system.

Destiny - How To Find People To Raid With

In this video I go over some of the best ways to find people to raid with (don't forget to leave a like;) Bungie.net Forums ...

The chances of destiny having matchmaking for raids is still slim to none, bungie explains why they went with this design decision in the first place.

Having a matchmaking option for raids wouldn't alter their playstyle at all, but could really benefit the players who struggle, for whatever reason, to find a team online beforehand.

Whats not hard for me to think about is a version of destiny that makes it easier to look for and find groups to go engage in difficult content with, a version that helps bring people together in a way that the current software doesnt.

Speaking in the latest issue of edge, creative director luke smith had this to say:i think matchmaking can make other players disposable to youthe reason that people quit out of strikes is because theres no consequence to their departure, just a punishment for that disposable person on the other end of the line.

Matchmaking is about us trying to smartly pair up random people together for activities, but what weve found is that some of the more difficult activities, especially the more pinnacle activities, can be really difficult to put a bunch of random strangers together and expect them to cooperate in a fun way.

Course, we have no details on whether the matchmaking conversation that bungie has been having a lot of is of the, "we should add this, let's figure out how!


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