Will naruto hook up with hinata

Naruto and hinata attend neji's feneral and they can be seen standing near each other.

Before naruto leaves, he tells hinata that he once thought she was weird and plain-looking, causing hinata to sulk.

After winning the match, in his head naruto wonders where hinata was and if she was watching.

Observing the match, and seeing hinata refuse to admit defeat after being dealt a hard blow, naruto comments that hinata was tough.

, not having seen naruto in two and a half years, hides behind a fence upon first seeing naruto.

When naruto reaches the park, he sees a puppet holding hinata as toneri casts something on her.

's confession to hinata - the last: naruto the movie:"i am not being kind because i love you or anything.

When hinata wants to tell something to naruto about toneris puppet, sai appears and says they need hinata to check out on something.

1 (hinata hyuga's profile):"hinata is in love with naruto, but regardless, she can't take a step forward.

Does naruto and hinata hook up

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Has shown to care for hinata and worry about her well being in many occasions.

Naruto replies to hinata that the blue-striped scarf was actually knitted for him by his mother and he found it when konohamaru bring him to his storehouse.

The beginning of the movie, a young hinata is seen being bullied by three older boys.

As hinata holds naruto tightly, all of their memories appear on the moon around them in the background.

Hinata walks into a spider web and blushes when naruto helps her take off the spider web from her hair.

The beginning of the chnin exams, naruto's opinion on hinata was that she was "weird" and "timid," explaining that whenever he was near her, she would always stutter and blush.

's first impression of hinata - chapter 39:"hyuga hinata; a weirdo who always looks away when i look at her.

The last: naruto the movie, naruto used to have a red scarf when he is young but it was wrecked after he defends hinata from the bullies.

When she is finally caught within her dream, neji and hanabi are shown spying on both her and naruto while they seemingly are together as a happy couple.

Will naruto hook up with hinata

They watched as boruto fought shikadai and seemingly won, making both naruto and hinata proud.

Receiving the chakra from naruto, hinata deflects one of the ten-tails' attacks with her 8 trigrams 64 palms.

When hinata reaches her house, she decides to go and give the scarf to naruto.

After neji talks about his personal life, naruto stands up for hinata by saying that he's not the only one who is special, and that hinata suffered as much as he did.

Naruto and kiba's fight during the preliminary matches, hinata attempts again to give him some of her ointment.

Looking at naruto, hinata asks him, in her thoughts, if she changed even a little before soon passing out, being carried away and taken to the hospital.

Hinata proceeds to attack pain, but is easily defeated before being pierced by one of his rods.

Katsuyu notifies him that no villagers had been harmed and, shedding tears of relief, naruto repeatedly mutters "thank god".

2 (hinata hyuga's profile):"hinata passively gave in to everything, but with the support of naruto's cheering, she had a fierce battle with neji, and matured greatly.

Do naruto and hinata ever hook up

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Hinata then asks sakura why she is encouraging her so much to which sakura replies that they need to support each other after she reminisces about sasuke.

Sakura tells hinata that naruto has been really popular with girls recently and some have even come from other villages just to meet him.

Naruto thinks of the time he and sasuke were set to spar with each other in the academy.

There is still a lot of her that is not sufficient as the child of the hyuuga main house, but indomitable strength is added to her original pure heart, and little by little, but steadily, hinata progresses ahead.

Toneri was about to explode but naruto goes to grab him and pull him back to the moon, saving his life and stop the moon from falling.

" just as she was saved in the past, this time hinata gently heals the despaired naruto's heart.

But upon seeing boruto wearing naruto's old jacket, hinata is reminded of naruto when he was younger, deciding to finally put her trust in her son.

Shikamaru then tells naruto that they need to save hinata and hanabi, but naruto gives no reactions to shikamaru.

Hinata thanks naruto and says that he is very kind to which he replies that he is not being kind because he loves her or anything and says it is because she is worried about hanabi.

Naruto and hinata hook up

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Naruto flashes back to the time when iruka asks them to write the name of the person they want to be with if the world was going to end and then he flashes back to the time he fights kiba during the chunin exam.

Takes naruto to sakura and he sees her resting because she ran out of chakra after healing naruto.

Often makes bento lunch boxes for naruto to eat which he often miss out due to his job.

Seeing this, shikamaru says to naruto that if he is giving up on hinata so easily then he might as well give up on being hokage.

To naruto about hinata - the last: naruto the movie:"i never thought you'd confess your love first.

The fourth shinobi war, naruto and hinata were often seen hanging out together, something which sakura commented on.

At night time, in the hyuga mansion, hinata is shown knitting a red scarf, remembering the time naruto defended her from the three bullies, also revealing she had kept his old one from that time.

A horrified naruto then remembers hinata and wonders if he killed her and the villagers.

Naruto walks into a spider web when he wants to goes to take a leak and hurts his back after he trips.

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In the flashback, toneri tells hinata that he had's taken hanabis eyes and implanted them into his own.

Naruto then fights and defeats toneri, only to find out that it is just a puppet he is fighting.

When she was fighting neji, no matter how many times she was struck down, she would think of naruto and stand up.

Seeing this, hanabi teases hinata, telling her to hurry up and just tell naruto how she feels.

The masked man calls hinata the byakugan princess and spits a bright ball of light out his mouth, through which hinata catches a glimpse of a flashback about the tenseigan and faints.

To naruto about him and hinata - chapter 103:"in the end, you and hinata-sama share the same destiny!

Seeing that he doesn't have much money, hinata asks if they can eat at ramen ichiraku instead, which naruto agrees to.

Then, naruto sees sakura walks with hinata and she encourage her to give him the scarf she knitted.

At the same time, naruto who was having ramen at ramen ichirakuis approached bykonohamaru, who tells naruto that he has something to show him.

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Asking hinata to use her byakugan on boruto, she confirmed his suspicions, leaving both disappointed in their son.

Night, hinata is seen knitting the scarf again somewhere in the woods with many glowing butterflies flying around the background.

Later, kakashi stepped down as the sixth hokage with naruto becoming the seventh upon his recommendation.

To boruto about bento made from hinata to naruto - chapter 700+3:"and, a bento isn't for just eating, right?

The new york comic con interview 2015, kishimoto said that he decided from the middle of the story that naruto and hinata would end up together in the end of the story.

Hinata quickly uses her gentle palm to relocate naruto's shoulder, allowing him to throw his attack at obito.

It's most likely supported because of the evidence given in the manga/anime as well as the fact that hinata is in love with naruto, and how naruto has shown that he cares a great deal about her and is protective of her.

Hinata seemingly accepts his words, but after naruto is pierced to the ground by pain, hinata immediately rushes to his side, despite knowing the grim odds.

At one night, naruto is seen standing at the window as he holds a blue-striped scarf in his room filled with presents.

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