Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI)


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PO Box AN 19996

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The Association of Ghana Solar Industries is an industry association, founded by Ghana solar industry stakeholders to help provide a joint forum for discussion of current industry issues.

Established in March 2006, AGSI is open for membership to solar industrial companies, other renewable businesses and individuals in Ghana with the goal to seek a common front and to provide representation on the development of alternative energies in Ghana. It seeks to achieve this through consultations with the appropriate state agencies, donors and the private sector involved in policy formulation and regulations.

Main Objectives:

- To raise the profile of the solar industry.
- To improve quality of design/installation/maintenance.
- To introduce a membership accreditation programme.
- To develop standards within the industry.
- To seek funding for Projects.
- To arrange Training in Renewable Energy.

Type d'entreprise
Field of Expertise
  • Photovoltaïque
  • Solaire Thermique