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TERRAWATT Planungsgesellschaft mbH stands for know-how and expertise in planning, realisation and optimizing of renewable energy projects worldwide. Whatever your aim is, wind power generationphotovoltaics or an individual combination - the question is not if but rather in which way we can realize your project. We are looking forward to your enquiry

The succesful realisation of wind and solar power projects needs a variety of specialists.  Not only perfect mastery of the subject is essential. Success depends even stronger on the proper interaction between the different specialties and the organization of their exchange. That exactly is our expertise.

Through feasibility studies and due diligences we provide sound preparation of decision-making to investors, institutions and land owners based on the experience and knowledge as well as our economic background we obtained in the renewable sector since 1996.

Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH offers its clients the one-stop realisation of renewable energy projects, especially in wind power. From site selection and assessement over wind measurement and technical planning to turn-key commissioning we are able to design your project entirely inhouse.  A optimal team size and the mixture of specialists and all-rounders matches a fast and flexible execution of the entrusted ventures.

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  • Photovoltaïque
  • Aérogénérateur