Energy Information System launched in The Republic Guinea

The Republic of Guinea has on February 2015 launched "le Système d'Information Energétique (SIE)". The EIS represents an online tool to centralize energy information of the country, measure trends and inform stakeholders. The platform was developed by the French consulting firm "Innovation Energie Développement (IED)" for the National Directorate of Energy, with support of the African Development Bank in the framework of the project PREREC, "Réhabilitation et d'extension des réseaux électriques de la ville de conakry".

The EIS aims to provide the National Directorate of Energy with a tool to centralize, manage and publish the energy related information, as well as provide support for structured and transparent decision making in the energy sector. Its specific objectives are to the support energy policy development, energy planning, investment promotion, and elaboration of the country's energy report.

Sections on the platform includes information about the Ministry of Energy, sources of the data and the GIS (Geographic Information System) section, which contains several spatial data and lets users visualize and overlay different information together.

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