Results of ECOWAS Small Scale Hydropower Program

The ECOWAS Small Scale Hydropower Program addresses the untapped potential of mini/micro and small hydropower sector in West Africa. ECREEE implements projects to overcome existing barriers related to missing awareness, technical skills and capacity, discharge data gap, lack of policies and private sector involvement. 

GIS Hydro Resource Mapping in West Africa

Spatial Hydro Resource layers available for visualization and download on the ECOWREX Map Viewer:


Hydropower potential 


Climate change projections

Existing / planned hydropower plants 

Country Reports on GIS hydropower resource mapping including climate change scenarios:

Final Technical Report on methodology and lessons learnt for ECOWAS countries


Small Scale Hydropower Development

Program Documents to upgrade the Hydro-Meteorological Network and Database for Small Scale Hydropower

Program Document Guinea

Program Document Sierra Leone

Training Field Manual: current meter streamflow measurement by wading

Download English Version

Download French Version



Mr. Guei Guillaume Fulbert KOUHIE, Lead ECOWAS Small-Scale Hydropower Program,  gkouhie(at)
Mr. Daniel Paco, GIS Specialist,  dpaco(at)
General Email: info(at)