World Bank Interactive Applications to support energy planning and monitoring and evaluation

World Bank Applications to support energy planning and monitoring and evaluation

The World Bank recently released the ENERGYDATA.INFO platform with the aim of making open data and analytics on the energy sector increasingly available. Among different sections and datasets, the platform has a specific entry with interactive applications to support energy plannig, rural elecrification and monitoring and evaluation activities. Users have access to different tools, among which it could be highlighted under our special focus in West Africa: the Africa Electricity Grid Explorer, the Off-grid Market Opportunities application, the Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy, the Global Tracking Framework application, Electrification Paths and Climatescope.

Applications are free to use and some of them are open source too and interested users can contribute to the improvement of them on Github. Some of the applications are based on the use of Geographic Information Systems and other explore the use of interactive dashboards with maps.

A definition of the applications highlighted by ECREEE is presented below.

Applications to support energy planning and rural electrification:

  • Africa Electricity Grid Explorer: to explore the latest data on Sub-Saharan Africa's electricity grids and infrastructure.
  • Off-grid Market Opportunities: open source application to estimate market opportunities for off-grid energy services in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Electrification Paths: to estimate the mix of technologies that will provide universal electricity access at the lowest cost.
  • Climatescope: to compare conditions for clean energy investment on 58 emerging markets.

Applications to support monitoring and evaluation on energy planning:

  • Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy: it reflects a snapshot of a country’s policies and regulations in the energy sector, organized by the three pillars of the SEforAll initiative: Energy Access, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
  • Global Tracking Framework: it provides a global dashboard to register progress on energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy

You can access the applications HERE

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