Niger Solar Electricity Access Project (NESAP)



Type de projet: 

Policy Support
Capacity Development
Investment Promotion
Knowledge Management

Situation de Projet: 

En cours


Date de début: 


Date de fin: 



US Dollar

Lead Co-Funder Amount: 

65 000 000.00 US Dollar

Budget total: 

65 000 000.00 US Dollar


The development objective of Electricity Access Expansion Project for Niger is to increase access to electricity in the territory. This restructuring seeks Additional Financing (AF) to scale up the development effectiveness of a well performing parent project by: (a) financing a new transmission component to address the bottlenecks in the transmission systems in Niamey; (b) delivering additional results through the financing of additional infrastructure that will expand access in both urban and rural areas; and (c) further strengthening institutional capacity to improve power sector planning. The project requires the extension of the closing date from December 31, 2021, to December 31, 2023, to allow sufficient time to implement the additional activities. The disbursement estimates and schedule, implementation schedule, and Results Framework will also be revised in line with the new activities and closing date extension. The safeguards instruments were updated to cover the new component and activities that are financed by the proposed AF and other donors.


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