Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Ghana


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Post Office Box M 232


(+233) 0 21 662 626/ (+233) 0 27 918 7421


(+233) 0 21 688 913

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MEST exists to establish a strong and vibrant scientific and technological base for accelerated and sustainable development to enhance the quality of life for all through the development and promotion of appropriate technologies, safe and sound environmental practices and regulated human settlements.

The ministry’s commitment to environmental protection and enhancement seriously and desire to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations through scientific research and technology.

Apart from instilling environmental awareness in everyone in the Ministry, we take ownership by being active in pursuing environmental friendly ways to meet our ministerial needs and that of the entire citizenry.

Policy thrust areas include:

  • Environmental Standard Setting;
  • Education and Enforcement towards protection of the Environment;
  • Science and Technology Research and Development for increased productivity and accelerated growth;
  • Commercialization of Research Outputs;
  • Promotion of S,T&Innovation Culture;
  • Human Settlement Planning and Management (including land reclamation and reuse);
  • Collaboration/Cooperation with national and international development partners for technology diffusion, transfer, policy formulation, coordination and monitoring of performances;
  • Applications of nuclear science and technology for socio-economic development
Field of Expertise
  • RE&EE en général