The Nigerian Energizing Education Program inaugurates its first solar hybrid plant

Image of one of the solar installations of the Nigerian Energizing Education Programme

Nigeria inaugurated its first solar hybrid plant. The 2.8-MW capacity plant is located at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University in Ebonyi State. It will operate from solar panels that will be supported by diesel electric generators.

The plant is part of the Energizing Education Program (EEP) implemented by the federal government through the Rural Electrification Agency. The objective of this program is to equip the main education centers with their own power generation units.

This first plant will provide electricity to 7,700 university students and more than 1,800 members of the university administration.


About the Energizing Education Programme:

The Energizing Education Programme (EEP) is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), to provide sustainable and clean power supply to 37 Federal Universities and 7 University Teaching Hospitals across the country. The project includes the provision of an independent power plant, upgrading existing distribution infrastructure, street lighting to improve security within the universities’ campuses, as well as the development of a world class training centre on renewable energy for each university.

The project is being implemented by the REA and developed in Phases. Phase 1 will deliver 28.5MW to 9 Federal Universities and 1 University Teaching Hospital, using solar hybrid and/or gas-fired captive power plants.

Phase 1 of the EEP will benefit 127,000 students and 28,000 staff of Universities, 4,700 staff in Teaching Hospitals (including 819 doctors), power 2,850 streetlights, and result in the decommissioning of hundreds of generators.

Phase 1 is fully funded by the FGN, within this phase there are seven solar hybrid projects currently benefitting from funding from the Green Bond issued by the FGN. While subsequent phases are to be funded by the Nigeria Electrification Project which is an FGN project in partnership with the World Bank and African Development Bank.


More information about the EEP: HERE

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