Senegal inaugurates its fourth Solar PV Plant

Ten Merina Solar PV plant (image source: Proparco)
Ten Merina Ndakhar SA developed the 30MW grid connected solar plant in the village of Mérina Ndakhar, located 130Km north-east of Dakar. The project was built in ten months on a 46 hectare area and will provide electricity to 200,000 people. It has 92,000 photovoltaic panels and its energy will be purchased by the National Electric Power Company (SENELEC). In addition to building the solar plant and operating it over a 25-year period, the project also involves building network connection infrastructure on behalf of Senelec.
The total project cost amounts to €43 million, including €34.4 million of debt borrowed over 18 years.  Proparco is lending €18.4 million and also helped to complete project financing by syndicating the balance of debt financing requirements to BIO, a Belgian bilateral development institution which put up another €16 million under the same terms and conditions as the loan granted by Proparco.

During the inauguration of the plant, representative on behalf of Ten Merina Ndakhar SA, claimed Senegal was the trailblazer of the solar revolution in Africa. On its social responsibility, Ten Merina Ndakhar SA, promised the establishment of a mutual credit body for local people, especially women and the youth, the electrification of the village of Mbouki and the construction of a maternity facility. It is also planning the development of a drilling and a market perimeter of 10 ha, the provision of seeds for the people affected by the initiative and the transfer of the headquarters of Ten Merina Ndakhar SA in the town of Merina Ndakhar so that the latter can benefit from the tax benefits associated with the project.

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