Waste to power unit in Lagos

Water Hyacinth

The Lekki Local Council Development area, a rural local government in the far southeastern end of Lagos state, Nigeria, is now home to a locally made biogas plant. The initiative, which was led by the Community Conservation and Development Initiatives (CCDI), aims to establish a locally based waste management strategy in the area to reduce waste, generate energy and improve livelihoods.

Fish guts, water hyacinth and other local organic waste will be used to produce biogas, which will then fuel a 10 kVA generator. The byproduct of the biogas production will be used as fertiliser, which will confer added-value to the project.

The idea grew out of CCDI's activities on the "Mobilising Local Government for Climate Action" project, and gained support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Federal Ministry of Environment.

CCDI pretends to replicate the project in other states, based on the premise that Nigeria, as other developing countries, needed to evolve a sustainable waste management system, thus promoting public health and also reducing water and air pollution.



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