Electric Mobility Policy Charter (CPME)



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The purpose of the Electric Mobility Policy Charter (CPME) is to establish the country's strategic vision in this area and to communicate the main measures to guide the creation of the necessary conditions for the initial start-up phase, followed by the long-term massification of electric vehicles (EV) in the country, assuring the adequate development of the necessary infrastructures, regulatory framework, and of services offerings, which allow any citizen or organization the access to electric mobility solutions.

This Policy document will be equipped with an Action Plan for Electric Mobilityin CaboVerde, aligned with the overarching goals and the strategic axes of intervention.

The strategic vision of the Government's policy for Electric Mobility in CaboVerde is to achieve the gradual replacement of the current fleet of vehicles equipped with internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel based) by clean electric vehicles, without GHG emission, by 2050, in alignment with the country's energy transition and according to the Electricity Sector Master Plan (2018-2040).

The aim is to gradually develop, in a timeline 2019-2035-2050, a fleet of electric vehicles (EV) for public transportation, (urban and interurban public transportation, taxis, renta lvehicles, tourist transportation), and private transportation (transportation for private use, private and public companies, and Public Administration).

Main Activities &Outputs

Main goals:

(i) Integral replacement of all vehicles equipped with internal combustion enginefor EV by 2050;

(ii) National Recharge Infrastructure fully implemented by 2030; and

(iii) Public Administration with a fleet of 100% EV in 2030


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