Cabeólica Boa Vista - Morro da Vigia - Ponta do Sol


The Cabeólica Wind Project comprises four small, separate wind parks on four of Cabo Verde's nine inhabited islands. The parks have a combined generation capacity of 25.5 MW and were commissioned between December 2011 and July 2012. The Investment cost of the Cabeólica wind project (4 wind parks) was approx. 60.9 million €.

The Boa Vista wind farm is located in the northwestern part of the island, in the Morro da Vigia – Ponta do Sol region. This wind farm occupies some 18 hectares of land and contains 3 wind turbines, which corresponds to 2.55 MW of installed capacity.

Key Facts

Year of commissioning: April 2012

Site: Morro da Vigia—Ponta do Sol (Boa Vista)

Developer: Cabeólica SA

Operator: Cabeólica SA

Equipment and service provider: Vestas

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INSTALLED CAPACITY (operational plants) or PLANNED CAPACITY (planned plants): 




Current Status: 



Observatory Country: 

RE&EE Category: 

  • Sistemas eólicos ligados a rede (on-shore e off-shore)
Historical Performance

Year Capacity Available Capacity Installed Capacity Factor Annual Energy Production
2014 2.53 MW 2.55 MW 8 130.00 MWh
2015 2.51 MW 2.55 MW 7 633.00 MWh
2016 2.53 MW 2.55 MW 7 883.00 MWh
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Cabeólica S.A.