Clean Energy Solutions Center and SE4ALL: No-cost Expert Assistance for Governments

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The investment prospectus provides an approach to operationalizing the country action agenda towards achieving SE4All goals by identifying and developing a set of implementable programs and projects, including investment requirements that can be presented to potential private and public investors. This expert support is directed toward advancing the implementation of action plans and investment prospectuses. Assistance interventions include review of draft action agendas, investment prospectuses and related documents, recommendations for design of sustainable energy policies and regulations, and advice on finance instruments and strategies to attract private and public investments. Experts are available to cover a wide range of energy topics and can assess barriers and opportunities for sustainable energy, identify the transformative potential of various actions and assess finance options to meet country agendas.

The process of accessing the Ask an Expert assistance is simple and quick. Countries seeking assistance can submit a request for assistance through the Solutions Center website or by email to Also by phone (+1-303-275-4370).

A representative from the Solutions Center will contact the requester directly within two working days after receipt of the request to schedule a call with the requestor and will also liaise with the concerned SE4All Regional Hub. This initial call will be used to assess specific needs and the level of the intervention. Next, a Solutions Center expert will provide support with the action agenda, investment prospectus, and identify other clean energy policy areas where assistance is needed. In most cases, assistance is provided remotely, but on-site assistance can be offered at regional and national workshops when funding to cover travel costs of the expert(s) is furnished.

Each country is eligible to receive up to 40 hours of assistance to develop the Action Agenda and up to 40 hours of assistance to develop the Investment Prospectus.

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