Lessons learned from grid connected RE flagship projects in the ECOWAS region

The deployment of grid-connected renewable energy systems is steadily increasing in the ECOWAS region and is expected to reach an installed capacity of 2GW by 2020. However the limited level of knowledge of and experience with RE technologies as well as with RE project development in the region could impede the projected grid-connected RE growth.

In an attempt to address this gap, ECREEE in cooperation with GIZ embarked on an initiative to document and disseminate the experience with some of the first grid-connected, utility-scale RE projects in the region. These “flagship projects” provide a rich body of lessons learned that will be highly useful for public and private developers of similar projects as well as for other stakeholders who are dealing with such projects such as policy makers, regulators or off-takers.

Rewatch the Webinar from Friday December 8th wich focused on the lessons learned from these RE flagship projects with a specific presentation on the Cabeolica wind project in Cabo Verde, that counts with 25,5 MW of installed capacity and is the first public-private partnership to deliver commercial scale wind power in sub-Saharan Africa.

The webinar was hosted by ECREEE and presented by:
- Mohamed Youba Sokona: RE expert at ECREEE, GIZ.
- Ana Monteiro: Head of Environmental, Social and Administrative Department at Cabeólica. She integrated the development team during the implementation of the Cabeólica Project.