New ECREEE publication: Regional Progress Report 2016

Regional Monitoring Framework Report 2016

ECREEE has published the first Regional Progress Report that is based on the ‘Regional Monitoring and Reporting Framework for the ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies and the Sustainable Energy Country Action Plans’. The report monitors for 2016 the situation against the different targets set on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access, that were fixed by the member states in the respective National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies (NREAPs and NEEAPs) and in the Sustainable Energy Country Action Plans.

It is important for the region and its respective countries to have updated knowledge of where they stand in terms of access to energy, RE and EE levels, in order to make effective plans and decisions. The Regional Monitoring Framework has the potential to become an important tool for policy makers and other stakeholders by providing both yearly snapshots and trends along the three axes covered. The alignment and enhancement of the national data collection systems would facilitate collaboration and information sharing between the nations, further benefitting the region as a whole.

The Report shows that great advances are being made in areas like grid-connected solar PV and the development of the market of small, affordable PV systems for lighting and other basic energy needs. Despite the challenge of lack of adequate data, the step taken to assess ourselves as a region is very key towards the 2030 agenda. With increased efforts to improve data availability, future editions of this report are expected to be even more informative and provide a more complete and accurate picture of where the region stands on its path towards attaining sustainable energy for all.

Find the report HERE or attached below.

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