IPP Achada Mostarda (EOL-10MW-ST2)


IPP 10MW project in Achada Mostarda, municipality of São Domingos, Santiago island.

Expected date of commissioning: May 2021

The Republic of Cabo Verde, herein represented by the Direção Nacional de Indústria, Comércio e Energia (DNICE) launched in December 2018 an International Open Competitive Bidding Process mobilizing private sector developers, consortiums or joint ventures (each a “Developer”) to design, engineer, construct, commission, finance, own, operate and maintain a 10 MW Wind Power Plant as IPP (the “project) under a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) scheme in Achada Mostarda, municipality of São Domingos Santiago Island.

DNICE is currently establishing a wind measurement mast at the site which will provide wind measurement data starting at the latest from March 2019.
The Project will be implemented through the award of an implementation agreement between the Government of Cabo Verde, and a company to be established under the Laws of Cabo Verde (the “Project Company”). A 20 - year power - purchase agreement (the “PPA”) will be established between the Project Company and the Concessionaire of Transmission and Distribution Grid being the sole Off-taker of the electrical energy generated and delivered by the Project.



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  • Energia Eólica
  • Sistemas eólicos ligados a rede (on-shore e off-shore)