PV systems installed in all hospitals in Cabo Verde

PV systems installed in Agostinho Neto Central Hospital in Praia

The project, which has been finalized in 2018 and was funded by the World Bank through the Small Island Develoing States (SIDS) fund, installed solar energy production capacity in all regional and central hospitals in the country.

The technologies installed were solar pannels for energy production and Solar Water Heaters (SWH) for hot water production. In total, 299KWp of solar energy were installed among the six regional and central hospitals in the country, and two Solar Water Heaters were installed in the central hospitals. The hospital benefited were:

  • Hospital Central Agostinho Neto, Praia (Santiago) – 105 KWp installed
  • Hospital Central Baptista de Sousa, Mindelo (São Vicente) – 47.5 KWp installed
  • Hospital Regional Santiago Norte, Santa Catarina (Santiago) – 41 KWp installed
  • Hospital Regional Fogo e Brava, São Felipe (Fogo) – 43.2 KWp installed
  • Hospital Regional João Morais, Ribeira Grande (Santo Antão) – 15.1 KWp installed
  • Hospital Regional do Sal, Espargos (Sal) – 47.5 KWp installed

The poject, which was coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, also funded a study on the PV and SWH market potential in the country, and was implemented in collaboration with CERMI (Centro de Energias Renováveis e Manutenção Industrial), that trained the hospital technicians on operation and maintaining procedures of the PV panels installed.

The project will contribute to improve the medical service provided by the hospitals, as it will allow to reduce the spend on energy by the facilities, which in average is about 25% of the available budget per month. The hospitals will therefore have more resources to invest in human resources, infrastructures and new equipments.

The project falls under the umbrella of the strategy designed by the Government to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country through the National Sutainable Energy Plan, which was approved also in 2018, and will also contribute to promote these systems among electricty consumers, as it is in the Government plans that by 2020, residential electricity customers will have 50% lower interest rates when asking for a loan to purchase PV systems for electricity production.

More information about the project is here.


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