Agadez solaire


A solar/diesel hybrid power plant will be constructed in the city of Agadez. The government has awarded a consortium made up of French company Vergnet and Indian companies Sterling and Wilson and SNS Solar Power Engineering & Technology the contract to undertake the development of the plant.

The plant will consist of solar panels linked together by inverters capable of producing 13 MWp and of diesel generators with a capacity of 6 MW. Additionally, it will include the rehabilitation of the electrical network of the city of Agadez, as well as the electrification of neighboring Tibinitene.

According to the agreement, Vergnet, Sterling and Wilson and SNS will operate and maintain the plant for a period of two years. The consortium is also expected to provide project management assistance and institutional support to accompany and train engineers and technicians from the electricity company Niger of (Nigelec) in photovoltaic technologies to enable them to operate large-scale solar power plants in the short term.

The project is being funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and European Union who are each investing $18 million.

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INSTALLED CAPACITY (operational plants) or PLANNED CAPACITY (planned plants): 




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32 000 000.00€


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