Title Year Country Category Authorsort descending Download
Reforming the energy sector in Africa: The case study of Nigeria 2012 Nigeria Policy and Strategy AfDB +
PANA Senegal 2006 Senegal AfDB +
PDE VOL1 SIG 2006 Guinea AfDB +
Plan Directeur Electrification VOL1 Couver 2006 Guinea AfDB +
Energy Conservation Development Strategy 2010 Mali Policy and Strategy AfDB +
Draft Renewable Energy Bill 2012 Gambia Policy and Strategy AF-MERCADOS EMI +
Electricity Strategy and Action Plan 2012 Gambia Policy and Strategy AF-MERCADOS EMI +
Atlas of Africa Energy Resources 2017 - ECOWGEN, Bioenergy, Business market place, Energy Efficiency, Geothermal, Hybrid Systems, Hydropower, Mini-Grid Systems, Photovoltaic, REEE in general, Capacity Building, Financing Mechanisms, Policy and Strategy African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) +
Options Development Energy Sector 2011 Liberia AFTEC +
Hybrid power systems based on renewable energies: a suitable and cost-competitive solution for rural electrification 2008 - Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems Alliance for Rural Electrification +
The Potential of Small and Medium Wind Energy in Developing Countries 2012 - Policy and Strategy, Windpower small-scale decentralized Alliance for Rural Electrification +
15 years of field experience with the "Daily Energy Allowance" concept as the basis for load control and guide for social behavior in rural micro grids 2012 - Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems Antoine Graillot et al. - TTA +
Cabo Verde Market Report on Solar Thermal Water Heating and Drying of Agricultural Products 2015 Cape Verde Cleaner Production and Industry, Solar Thermal (non electrical), Solar Cooking, Solar drying, Solar Thermal Cooling, Solar Thermal Industrial Heat Process, Solar Thermal Warm Water Antúnio Barbosa, Auxiliar Professor (Energy Studies) Department of Engineering and Marine Science, University of Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde +
Tarifas de Eletricidade praticadas pela Electra - Despacho n. 08/2011 2011 Cape Verde Policy and Strategy ARE +
Gráfico de Evolução do Preço dos Combustíveis de 2004 a 2010 2012 Cape Verde Other Energy Expertise ARE +
Peso Relativo dos Parâmetros no Preço Máximo de Venda dos Combustíveis 2012 Cape Verde Other Energy Expertise ARE +
Histórico das Atualizações dos Preços dos Combustíveis de junho de 2004 a outubro de 2012 2012 Cape Verde Policy and Strategy ARE +
Evolucao das Tarifas Variaveis de Energia 1985-2008 2009 Cape Verde Policy and Strategy ARE +
Precos maximos dos combustiveis - 08 Dezembro 2008 a 09 Fevereiro 2009 2008 Cape Verde Policy and Strategy ARE +
Atualizacao do Preco dos Combustiveis - Despacho n. 10/2010 2010 Cape Verde Policy and Strategy ARE +