Title Year Country Category Authorsort descending Download
Note Information Investisseur Elec Rurale 2010 Senegal ASER +
Guia energia solar termica 2010 - ASIT +
Baseline Study on the Biomass Electricity Generation Potential in Guinea Bissau 2017 Guinea-Bissau Bioenergy Bart Frederiks +
Baseline Study on the Biomass Electricity Generation Potential in Guinea Bissau 2017 Guinea-Bissau Bioenergy Bart Frederiks +
Casamance Enquete 2011 Senegal BATIAFRICA +
OPPORTUNITES DE DEVELOPPEMENT DES BIOCARBURANTS AU BURKINA FASO 2008 Burkina Faso Bioenergy, Biofuels Blin Joël (Coordinateur, Cirad/2iE); Dabat Marie-Hélène (Cirad); Faugere Garance (ICI); Hanff Elodie (Cirad/2iE); Weisman Nathalie (Cirad/2iE) +
Directives pour l'évaluation des impacts environnementaux et sociaux des installations de production et de transport d'énergie électrique en Afrique de l'Ouest 2005 - Photovoltaic, Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected, REEE in general, Policy and Strategy CEDEAO, USAID, PA Consulting Group +
National Dialogue RE&EE 2008 Nigeria CERDC +
CIE Rapport Annuel 2010 2011 Cote d Ivoire CIE +
CIE Rapport Annuel 2011 2012 Cote d Ivoire REEE in general CIE +
Renewable Energy in Africa_Mali country Profile_2015 2015 Mali Energy Efficiency, REEE in general CIF-AfDB team: Mafalda Duarte, Florence Richard, Giorgio Gualberti, Leandro Azevedo, Richard Claudet, Ndoundo Nigambye, Angelo Bonfiglioli and Arona Coulibaly. +
Developing Eco-Charcoal Certification to Fight Against Desertification and Poverty in the Afram Plains 2011 Ghana Bioenergy Cooperazione italiana, Ricerca e Cooperazione and APDO +
EE_Survey_Nigeria 2009 Nigeria CRED +
Full_Report_RE&EE_Conference 2007 Nigeria CREDC +
Draft RE&EE Policy Liberia 2007 Liberia CSET +
Refrigerator Energy Consumption Report 2008 Ghana CSIR +
Rural Electrification through Small Hydro Power in China 2012 - Small Hydropower Cui Zhenhua +
Micro-Réseaux Photovoltaïques Hybrides: Guide de Conception et Calcul 2017 - Mini-Grid Systems, Photovoltaic, Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems Daniel Cadilla, Mireia Gil, Cristian Ros and Cristina Gil (Azimut360); Nicola Bugatti (ECREEE) +
Grid Integration of the Electric Wind Project Cabo Verde - Case Study RE flagship projects in the ECOWAS region 2017 Cape Verde Wind Power, Windpower grid-connected (on and off-shore) Daniel Graça, Electric Wind SA. Edited by Eder Semedo, Lucius Mayer-Tasch, Mohamed Youba Sokona +
First three solar PV Independent Power Producers (IPP) in Senegal: Case Study RE Flagship Projects in the ECOWAS Region 2017 Senegal Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected David Lecoufle (goP a-intec); Edited by Mohamed Youba Sokona, Lucius Mayer-Tasch and Eder Semedo +