Title Yearsort ascending Country Category Author Download
Anexo C - Projetos Solares - Site Assessment 2011 Cape Verde Photovoltaic GESTO Energia +
Anexo F - Projetos RSU - Cartografia 2011 Cape Verde Waste to Energy GESTO Energia +
Anexo G - Especificação conceptual do modelo SIMRES 2011 Cape Verde Distribution and Transmission Network, Energy Management GESTO Energia +
Décret 2011-2014 portant application de la Loi sur les EnR relatif aux conditions d'achat et de rémunération de l’électricité résultant d'une production pour autoconsommation 2011 Senegal Policy and Strategy +
World-wide overview of design and simulation tools for hybrid PV systems 2011 - Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems International Energy Agency +
Energy Conservation Development Strategy 2010 Mali Policy and Strategy AfDB +
Guia energia solar termica 2010 - ASIT +
Industrial Policy 2010 Ghana Policy and Strategy Mininstry of Trade and Industry +
African Green Business Market Assessment - Ghana 2010 Ghana REEE in general, Financing Mechanisms UNEP, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, ETI +
Etude Aspects Cadre Reglamentaire Production EnR RAPPORT 2010 Senegal Min Ener +
Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2010 2010 - Policy and Strategy Practical Action +
GSR 2010 2010 - REN21 +
Ghana Shared growth and development agenda (2010-2013) Vol 2 Costing and financing of policies and strategies 2010 Ghana Policy and Strategy, Financing Mechanisms National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) +
Note Information Investisseur Elec Rurale 2010 Senegal ASER +
Grid Code Appendices 2010 Nigeria Policy and Strategy NERC +
Environmental Sanitation Policy 2010 Ghana Policy and Strategy Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development +
Loi 2010-21 Portant Loi d'Orientation sur les EnR 2010 Senegal 1 Orientation EnR +
Regulation of licence and operating fees 2010 Nigeria Policy and Strategy NERC +
Assessment Biofuels Potential 2010 Senegal FGV +
Grid Distribution Code 2010 Nigeria Policy and Strategy NERC +