Title Yearsort ascending Country Category Author Download
Africa et les Énergies Renouvelables: la voie vers la croissance durable 2013 - REEE in general IRENA +
Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2013 2013 - Policy and Strategy Practical Action +
ToR Consultancy Services for Tariff Setting 2013 Guinea-Bissau Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems TESE - EWB +
Powering Africa through Feed-in Tariffs 2013 - Policy and Strategy World Future Council (WFC) +
Review of Strategies and Technologies for Demand-Side Management on Isolated Mini-Grids 2013 - Mini-Grid Systems, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management Meg Harper +
World Small Hydropower Development Report 2013_Western Africa 2013 Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo Hydropower, Micro and Pico Hydropower systems, Small Hydropower Liu, H., Masera, D. and Esser, L., eds. (2013). World Small Hydropower Development Report 2013. United Nations Industrial Development Organization; International Center on Small Hydro Power +
Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2012: An Overview 2013 - REEE in general IRENA +
International Standardisation in the Field of Renewable Energy 2013 - Policy and Strategy IRENA +
Derisking RE Investment. A Framework to Support Policymakers in Selecting Public Instruments to Promote RE Investment in Developing Countries 2013 - Financing Mechanisms UNDP +
Renewable Energy Technologies: Cost Analysis Series - Solar Photovoltaics 2012 - Photovoltaic IRENA +
Electricity Storage and Renewables for Island Power - A Guide for Decision Makers 2012 - Storage Systems IRENA +
Policy Report Note - Senegal 2012 Senegal Policy and Strategy Lighting Africa - IFC +
Securing the supply chain for wind and solar energy (RE-supply) 2012 - Photovoltaic, Wind Power E4tech & Avalon Consulting +
Rapport de base pour la Politique en matière d'énergies renouvelables de la CEDEAO (PERC) 2012 - Policy and Strategy ECREEE +
Prospects for the African Power Sector - Scenarios and Strategies for Africa Project 2012 - Policy and Strategy IRENA +
CIE Rapport Annuel 2011 2012 Cote d Ivoire REEE in general CIE +
Project Document for the establishment and first operational phase of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF) for peri-urban and rural areas (2011-2016) 2012 - Financing Mechanisms ECREEE +
Rapport de base pour la Politique en matière d'énergies renouvelables de la CEDEAO (PERC) 2012 - Policy and Strategy ECREEE +
Electricity Storage - Technology Brief 2012 - Storage Systems IEA-ETSAP & IRENA +
Multiyear Tariff Order for the Determination of the Cost of Electricity Sold by Distribution/Retail Companies for the Period 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2017 2012 Nigeria Policy and Strategy, Financing Mechanisms NERC +