Organitzation's Name Geographic Focussort ascending Active in (ECOWAS) Type of Organitzation Field of Expertise
Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH International Energy specialist / Consultant firm Photovoltaic, Wind Power
EIB - European Investment Bank International Financial institution Financing Mechanisms
Campus Universitario de Rabanales International Academia and research organisation Policy and Strategy, Capacity Building, Biofuels, Biomas for electricity and heating
Winrock International International Liberia Civil society / NGO
Centre pour le Développement de l'Entreprise International International Organization Other Energy Expertise
2iE - Institut International d’Ingenierie de l’Eau et de l’Environment International Burkina Faso Academia and research organisation REEE in general, Capacity Building
United Nations Environment Programme International
EIP (Ecole Instrument de Paix) International Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo Civil society / NGO Capacity Building
Electric, Lda. - Gabinete de estudos, projetos e obras de eletricidade ECOWAS Country Cape Verde Energy specialist / Consultant firm
Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority ECOWAS Country Nigeria Entrepreneur / Productive industry Small Hydropower
Etablissement Nare et Frere - Burkina Faso ECOWAS Country Burkina Faso Energy supply industry
Commercial Agriculture Development Project (World Bank - Nigeria) ECOWAS Country Nigeria Government, International Organization
Energie Tilgaz Mali S.A. ECOWAS Country Mali Energy supply industry Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems
ABED ONG (Association Béninoise pour l’Eveil et le Développement) ECOWAS Country Benin Civil society / NGO Capacity Building, Other Energy Expertise
SUCRIVOIRE ECOWAS Country Cote d Ivoire Entrepreneur / Productive industry Biomas for electricity and heating
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ECOWAS Country Ghana Government Policy and Strategy
Global Energy Gambia ECOWAS Country Gambia Energy equipment manufacturer Photovoltaic, Wind Power
Groupment de femmes paysannes (Sedhiou, Senegal) ECOWAS Country Senegal Civil society / NGO
Lagos State Ministry of Environment ECOWAS Country Nigeria Government Sustainable transport and mobility
SITRADE ECOWAS Country Cote d Ivoire Entrepreneur / Productive industry Waste to Energy