Cabeólica S.A.


Headquarter Address: 

Rua Cidade do Funchal, Achada de Santo António
C.P. 101/A  Praia, Santiago
Cape Verde


+238 260 22 60


+238 262 56 14

Main Geographic Focus: 

ECOWAS Country




Cabeólica’s mission is to be a pioneering, responsible and efficient company in the area of wind energy in Cape Verde, committed to the socio-economic development of the country and  investing in the creation of value for its stakeholders. With its activities, Cabeólica will contribute towards making wind energy the main alternative to fossil fuels as an energy source in Cape Verde.

To be a Cape Verdean company of reference in the area of wind energy on a national and international level, foundedinnovationon sustainable energy resources abundant in Cape Verde and differentiated by its concern for the well-being of communities, the improvement in the quality of life of local populations and the sustainability of the global ecosystem.

Cabeólica provides thriving career opportunities and enforces continuous development of the professional skills of its employees, aiming to capacitate them to high level standards. Cabeólica also seeks to stimulate capacity building of other professionals connected to the wind energy industry and promote strong dissemination of knowledge regarding renewable energy and environmental and social responsibilities. 

Cabeólica’s business conduct is guided by the following values:

•  Business Sustainability

•  Technological Innovation

•  Social Responsibility

•  Ethics and Integrity in doing business

•  The Economic Development of Cape Verde

•  Building capacity and utilizing cutting edge technology

Type of bussines
Field of Expertise
  • Windpower grid-connected (on and off-shore)