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13705  La Ciotat cedex

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ECOWAS Country



An independent developer and operator of sites to produce electricity from wind and solar energy sources, Eco Delta operates a portfolio of photovoltaic farms in Southern and Central France, representing a total of 50 MWp.

To date, the group has building permits for a total capacity of over
220 MW in France and Togo.
As the bedrock underpinning Eco Delta's business ethics, environmental and agricultural sustainability guided the design and development of all its projects.
Since being founded in 2002, starting off from a first patent filed by its R&D teams, the group has successfully built up specific know-how on energy infrastructures.
Eco Delta has industrial and capital backing from the Caisse des Dépôts, a public financial institution with a strong commitment to diversifying France's energy mix, which has a 10% stake in its capital, as well as support from the French innovation agency (ANVAR). Its teams, experts from the world of energy and the environment, cover all levels of projects: development, coordination, financing, principal assistance and operations.
Type of bussines
Field of Expertise
  • Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected
  • Windpower grid-connected (on and off-shore)