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In Sub-Saharan Africa, most of people leave in rural area. Less than 10% of the population have access to electricty while lighting is a major factor in development. When a child has light in the evening, it can read its lessons and do its homework. A mother or a father can keep their business open after nightfall. A household can make large savings by using a modern form of lighting. The same advantages go for other situations of course, such as having access to health care when there is no daylight.
In regions where night lasts around 12 hours all along the year, light improves living conditions. While energetic dependency and costs are rising, solar lanterns are an innovative response to poverty reduction and development of a country. 

The solution: solar lighting

Africa is one of the continent mostly exposed to sun. How can we explain that we don't take opportunity of this energy source ? Today, most energy needs are covered with wood, oil, candles and battery lamps... These energy sources are costly and bad for helath and environment. 
Sun, which is present all along the year in Africa, offers an unlimited potential for the development of a country, as for the development of a commited company. For LAGAZEL, it was unbelievable not to use solar energy to light a demanding and needy population.
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