Basic ECOWREX Data Mining Techniques

This is the first in a series of webinars that will address data collection in the sustainable energy sector of the ECOWAS region. The webinar commences by outlining the status of knowledge development and dissemination in the region. It is followed by a practical session where participants learn how to identify, extract, transform and report energy data for the ECOWREX Interactive Data Portal. (Learn More...)

Webinar ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure

The ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure is the section on the ECOWREX that contains spatial data and applications for sustainable energy planning and data sharing. Released recently by ECREEE, the ECOWREX SDI offers now users a platform to explore, visualize, extract, download and share geospatial information. This 60 minutes webinar introduced the ECOWREX SDI and its contents to potential stakeholders in charge of energy planning in ECOWAS member states. (Learn More...)