Accurate knowledge on existing and planned resources are vital for strategic planning and development. The non-availability of reliable and updated energy information poses a major constraint for policy makers, investors and project developers in the ECOWAS energy sector. For investors and other stakeholders, it is difficult to identify cooperation partners due to the absence of specialised platforms for exchange of information and experiences. Given this situation, significant opportunities are lost for a sustainable energy development. The ECOWREX connects people and ideas, building powerful partnerships with the latest technologies to provide up to date, timely and quality information for powering a cleaner and developed energy sector.



List of initiatives with focus on ECOWAS region, that supports energy projects and programmes.


A directory of key energy stakeholders with effective involvement in the energy sector.


Provides latest information on Energy Efficiency opportunities and measures adopted in the ECOWAS region.


A smart reference library with an extensive collection of renewable energy and energy efficiency materials.


Inaugurated in Senegal the largest solar PV plant in West Africa

Inaugurated in Senegal the largest solar PV plant in West Africa

The Santhiou Mékhé solar PV plant in the community of Thies in Senegal was inagurated on 29th June 2017 being at the moment the largest solar PV plant in West Africa, with 30MW of installed capacity. After the inauguration of the Senergy 2 solar plant (20 MW) and the Malicounda PV plant (22 MW) in October and November 2016, this plant represents the third grid-connected PV plant commisioned in the ECOWAS member state in less than one year. With a cost of 41 millions of €, the plant is supposed to supply electricity to 200,000 households of the country and add a significant bit to guide Senegal to achieve 20% of electricity production through the use of renewable energies by end of 2017.

World Bank Interactive Applications to support energy planning and monitoring and evaluation

World Bank Applications to support energy planning and monitoring and evaluation

The World Bank recently released the ENERGYDATA.INFO platform with the aim of making open data and analytics on the energy sector increasingly available. Among different sections and datasets, the platform has a specific entry with interactive applications to support energy plannig, rural elecrification and monitoring and evaluation activities. Users have access to different tools, among which it could be highlighted under our special focus in West Africa: the Africa Electricity Grid Explorer, the Off-grid Market Opportunities application, the Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy, the Global Tracking Framework application, Electrification Paths and Climatescope.

Introduction Webinar to the ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure on 29th May

ECOWREX Metadata catalog

The ECOWREX Spatial Data Infrastructure is the section on the ECOWAS Observatory for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECOWREX) that contains spatial data and applications for sustainable energy planning and data sharing. Released recently by ECREEE, the ECOWREX SDI offers now ECOWREX users a platform to explore, visualize, extract, download and share geospatial information. This 60 minutes webinar will introduce the ECOWREX SDI and its contents to potential stakeholders in charge of energy planning in ECOWAS member states.