Accurate knowledge on existing and planned resources are vital for strategic planning and development. The non-availability of reliable and updated energy information poses a major constraint for policy makers, investors and project developers in the ECOWAS energy sector. For investors and other stakeholders, it is difficult to identify cooperation partners due to the absence of specialised platforms for exchange of information and experiences. Given this situation, significant opportunities are lost for a sustainable energy development. The ECOWREX connects people and ideas, building powerful partnerships with the latest technologies to provide up to date, timely and quality information for powering a cleaner and developed energy sector.



List of initiatives with focus on ECOWAS region, that supports energy projects and programmes.


A directory of key energy stakeholders with effective involvement in the energy sector.


Provides latest information on Energy Efficiency opportunities and measures adopted in the ECOWAS region.


A smart reference library with an extensive collection of renewable energy and energy efficiency materials.


UNIDO report on Renewable Energy-based mini-grids

Renewable energy-based mini-grids: The UNIDO experience

Despite the considerable potential for an accelerated use of renewable energy-based mini-grids, opportunities for income generation and social and environmental benefits, progress continues to be hampered by a number of key barriers and bottlenecks. Many countries still lack sufficient technical capacities to install, operate and maintain the systems, the regulatory framework to attract project developers, and access to financing to bring sufficient scale. UNIDO’s access to energy projects aim to address these issues, yet the evidence suggests that there is no unique business model that can easily and universally be replicated and scaled-up. This report takes stock of the current experience, and draws interim conclusions on the lessons learnt, and provides guiding recommendations for designing energy access projects.

Launch of New Versions of the ECOWREX Flagship Products

New Versions of the ECOWREX Flagship Products

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) officially released new versions of the ECOWREX Interactive Data Portal, and the Map Viewer, both being flagship products on ECOWREX - an open data platform for managing and sharing renewable energy and energy efficiency information on ECOWAS Member States. Both versions are accessible online on the ECOWREX website.

Liberian Hydrological Services Open Database

Liberian Hydrological Services Open Database

Since 2011, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate is assisting the Liberian Hydrological Service in upgrading the Liberian hydrometric network. The project established 10 hydrometric stations in the principal river basins and it trained the LHS staff. After 30-years long break, the flows of Liberian rivers again are gauged and hydrological data are available to users. Continuous collection of hydrological data is particularly important for the ongoing and future hydropower studies and projects.