Title Yearsort descending Country Category Author Download
Energie et Ecodeveloppement 2005 Mali HELIO +
National Energy Policy 2005 Gambia Policy and Strategy Government +
Directives pour l'évaluation des impacts environnementaux et sociaux des installations de production et de transport d'énergie électrique en Afrique de l'Ouest 2005 - Photovoltaic, Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected, REEE in general, Policy and Strategy CEDEAO, USAID, PA Consulting Group +
RE Gambia Institutional Study 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
Regulation Energy Efficiency standards label LI1815 2005 Ghana Policy and Strategy, Efficient Appliances Energy Commission +
RE Master Plan 2005 Nigeria Policy and Strategy Energy Commission +
Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 Nigeria Policy and Strategy Federal Ministry of Power +
RE West Africa MALI 2005 Mali GTZ +
RE_Gambia Social and Gender report 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
Ghana_RE Policy report 2005 Ghana RECIPES +
Draft RE Master Plan â Module I Energy Demand 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
Status Energy Sector 2005 Gambia Min Ener +
PRSP 2005 Nigeria IMF +
Draft RE Master Plan â Module II supply options investment plan 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
RE Gambia socio economical report 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
RE Gambia Microcredit report 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
RE Gambia Energy Demand Study 2005 Gambia Lahmeyer +
Projet Brava 100% EnR: Rapport Final 2005 Cape Verde REEE in general Transénergie +
Pre-feasibility study Windenergienutzung in Calheta3 2006 Cape Verde EnergieWerkstatt +
EE Project Brief 2006 Guinea World Bank +