Organitzation's Namesort ascending Geographic Focus Active in (ECOWAS) Type of Organitzation Field of Expertise
Federal Ministry of Environment ECOWAS Country Nigeria Government REEE in general
FDE (Fonds de Developpement de l'Electrification) - Burkina Faso ECOWAS Country Burkina Faso Government Policy and Strategy
Faye Solaires ECOWAS Region Guinea-Bissau, Senegal Energy supply industry Photovoltaic, Wind Power, Hybrid Systems
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa International Academia and research organisation REEE in general
FACT Foundation International Energy specialist / Consultant firm Bioenergy
European Commission - EuropeAid International Government
Etablissement Nare et Frere - Burkina Faso ECOWAS Country Burkina Faso Energy supply industry
Essakane - Burkina Faso ECOWAS Country Burkina Faso Energy supply industry
Eskom Energie Manantali Africa Mali, Senegal Energy supply industry Large Hydropower (including dam, pump and storage)
ESEIM - Energy System Equipments Installation and Maintenance ECOWAS Country Senegal Energy supply industry Photovoltaic
ERERA (ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulation Authority) ECOWAS Region Energy regulator Policy and Strategy
Environment and Classified Establishments-SENEGAL ECOWAS Country Senegal Government
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ECOWAS Country Ghana Government Policy and Strategy
Entrust Professional Services Limited International International Organization CSP Plants Grid-Connected, Solar Thermal Warm Water, Biofuels, Biomas for cooking, Biomas for electricity and heating, Biogas, Waste to Energy, Small Hydropower, Micro and Pico Hydropower systems, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems, Storage Systems
Enertis Solar, S. L. International Energy supply industry Policy and Strategy, Capacity Building, Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Photovoltaic Power Plants Grid-Connected, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems, Storage Systems
ENERIS Environment Energy, Spain International
Energy Foundation (Ghana) ECOWAS Country Ghana Civil society / NGO REEE in general, Energy Efficiency
Energy for Opportunity (Sierra Leone) International Sierra Leone Civil society / NGO Photovoltaic
Energy Commission of Nigeria ECOWAS Country Nigeria Government Building Efficiency