Review of Strategies and Technologies for Demand-Side Management on Isolated Mini-Grids


Meg Harper



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  • Mini-Grid Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Management

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  • Technical Research


This review provides an overview of strategies and currently available technologies used for demand-side management (DSM) on mini-grids throughout the world. For the purposes of this review, mini-grids are defined as village-scale electricity distribution systems powered by small local generation sources and not connected to a main grid. Mini-grids range in size from less than 1 kW to several hundred kW of installed generation capacity and may utilize different generation technologies, such as micro-hydro, biomass gasification, solar, wind, diesel generators, or a hybrid combination of any of these. This review will primarily refer to AC mini-grids, though much of the discussion could apply to DC grids as well. Many mini-grids include energy storage, though some rely solely on real-time generation.

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