Cabeólica Sal - Lajedo da Ribeira de Tarrafe


The Cabeólica Wind Project comprises four small, separate wind parks on four of Cabo Verde's nine inhabited islands. The parks have a combined generation capacity of 25.5 MW and were commissioned between December 2011 and July 2012. The Investment cost of the Cabeólica wind project (4 wind parks) was approx. 60.9 million €.

The Sal wind farm is located in the eastern side of the island, in the region of Lajedo da Ribeira de Tarrafe. It occupies some 32 hectares of land and contains 9 wind turbines, with an installed capacity of some 7.65 MW.

Key Facts

Year of commissioning: February 2012

Site: Lajedo da Ribeira do Tarrafe (Sal)

Developer: Cabeólica SA

Operator: Cabeólica SA

Equipment and service provider: Vestas

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INSTALLED CAPACITY (operational plants) or PLANNED CAPACITY (planned plants): 




Current Status: 



Observatory Country: 

RE&EE Category: 

  • Windpower grid-connected (on and off-shore)
Historical Performance

Year Capacity Available Capacity Installed Capacity Factor Annual Energy Production
2011 7.65 MW 1 408.00 MWh
2014 7.55 MW 7.65 MW 16 640.00 MWh
2015 7.59 MW 7.65 MW 18 776.00 MWh
2016 7.61 MW 7.65 MW 17 227.00 MWh
Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Cabeólica S.A.