Biomass Waste-to-Energy Toolkit for Development Practitioners

Biomass Waste-to-Energy Toolkit for Development Practitioners

This document presents a toolkit that has been developed by SNVs REDD+ Energy and Agriculture Programme (REAP). With the purpose of supporting development practicioners this toolkit does not promote a one size fits all approach. But instead it provides practitioners a waste to energy project with a focus on the use of agricultural and forestry waste for the generation of electricity, by using technologies including combustion, gasification and anaerobic digestion.

The year of the document is 2014. It has been developed under the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) Program, and published by the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands.

Authors: Lachlan Cameron, Hamid Mozaffarian, James Falzon, Tjaša Bole-Rentel, Dr Brett Cohen and Keshav C Das.

Source: SNV website

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