VRA Solar Power Projects



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Investment Promotion

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The project aims to develop 10MW of PV plant capacity in Northern Ghana in the NEDCo areas of operation. The technical and financial feasibility of deploying a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant in the NEDCo areas would be examined and detailed specifications would be developed based on the findings of the feasibility study.  Four sites in the environs of Kaleo (near WA), Lawra, Jirapa and Navrongo have been identified and acquired for a total of 10MWp PV plants. 

Contract has already been awarded for the construction of 2 MWp at Navrongo which is expected to be completed in 2013. VRA is seeking concessionary funding to develop the remaining 8 MWp.


Unit Site Navrongo Jirapa Kaleo Lawra
Locality Pungu-Telania community Jirapa community Kaleo community Lawra community
Installed capacity 1.92 MW 1.975 MW 3.95 MW 2 MW
Starting date of commercial operation 2013 2014 2014 2014



Main Activities &Outputs

The total net annual electricty generation for all units is estimated at 22,574 MWh. The power output is exported to the national grid of Ghana.

The project is expected to generate 8,948 tonnes of CO2e of emissions reductions each year, which was in incentive for its inclusion on the Standard Bank Renewable Energy Programme. The Standard Bank  aims to promote and support the implementation of grid-connected electricity generation plants/units from renewable energy sources. 

Standard Bank Plc will act as the Coordinating / Managing entity (CME) for this PoA. Standard Bank Plc or any of its affiliate will act as the Programme Manager and will assess project activities before submission to the DOE for CPA inclusion. In quality of programme manager, it will be the responsibility of the CME to:

- design the overall program,
- develop and manage an appropriate operational structure for the proposed PoA,
- provide support and guidance to all stakeholders,
- enforce compliance of the technology and the CPA(s) of potential independent implementers with PoA requirements,
- act as a liaison with Ghana, Kenya and Mauritius Designated National Authorities, Designated Operational Entities, and the CDM Executive Board,
- be responsible for data collection, management and monitoring activities,
- monetize the carbon credits generated by the PoA,
- oversee all institutional communication regarding this PoA.
Standard Bank Plc will enter into a contractual agreement with each CPA implementer, giving Standard Bank Plc the legal rights to deal with the carbon credits that will be generated from these projects and monitor the project implementation and all necessary parameters that are required for the calculation of
emission reductions from each CPA. The conditions for participation shall be in line with the eligibility criteria of the projects for inclusion in the PoA and shall be elaborated in the agreements between Standard Bank Plc and the project developers or other entities.


Expected Impacts


The stated goal is the significant expansion of renewable energy (solar, in this case) in the energy balance in Ghana, in order to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, contribute to improved energy security and access, and finally contribute to form of a future low-carbon energy system.


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