Organitzation's Name Geographic Focus Active in (ECOWAS) Type of Organitzation Field of Expertise
Permanent Technical Secretary for Institutional Management of Environmental Issues (MALI) ECOWAS Country Mali Government Biofuels
PPIAF - Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Fund International International Organization REEE in general
Prosoleil (Senegal) ECOWAS Country Senegal Energy supply industry REEE in general
PROSOLIA AFRICA Africa Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal Energy supply industry, Energy specialist / Consultant firm Photovoltaic
Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) ECOWAS Country Ghana Government, Energy regulator Policy and Strategy
Pumptech Ltd (PTL) ECOWAS Country Ghana Energy equipment manufacturer REEE in general, Photovoltaic
PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority) ECOWAS Country Gambia Government REEE in general, Energy Efficiency
Quinvita N.V.
Regional Director, Southeast Asia & Pacific
Renewable Energy Center, Government Technical Insititute ECOWAS Region Sierra Leone Academia and research organisation, Government Solar Thermal (non electrical) Initiative International Civil society / NGO REEE in general
Republique Francaise - Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres ett Europeennes
Rural and Renewable Energy Agency-Liberia ECOWAS Country Liberia REEE in general
Sahel Energie ECOWAS Country Senegal Energy supply industry Photovoltaic
Sahel Energie Solaire ECOWAS Region Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal Energy supply industry, Energy specialist / Consultant firm Photovoltaic, Decentralized Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Thermal (non electrical), Wind Power, Hybrid Systems, Mini-Grid Systems
SANIA - Groupe SIFCA ECOWAS Country Cote d Ivoire Entrepreneur / Productive industry Biomas for electricity and heating
Sarreole S.a.r.l. International Senegal Entrepreneur / Productive industry REEE in general
SBEE - Société Beninoise d'Énergie Electrique ECOWAS Country Benin Energy supply industry Energy Management
SCAT Internationale S.A. - Société de Contrôle et d’Assistance Techniques Africa Guinea, Mali, Senegal Entrepreneur / Productive industry Other Energy Expertise