Ministry of Energy (MOE)


Headquarter Address: 

Second floor Futurelec Building Bertil Harding Highway
Kotu, Serrekunda


+220 890 5105


+220 446 6560

Main Geographic Focus: 

ECOWAS Country



To ensure the provision of adequate, reliable and affordable supply of energy services in a sustainable manner to support poverty reduction and socio-economic development

The department's overall objectives for the Energy sector are to:

• Increase petroleum exploration in Gambia;

• Improve and expand efficiently, existing energy supply systems through private sector partnership with the public sector;

• Promote alternative domestic fuels and reduce heavy dependence on fuel wood;

• Reduce the high dependence on imported oil products;

• Increase Research and Development (R&D) in energy development;

• Provide sufficient security of energy supply;

• Introduce conservation measures in relation to energy consumption;

• Increase reforestation and protection of forest resources;

• Minimise environmental damage of energy supply through the encouragement of more environment-friendly energy supplies such as renewable energy and natural gas;

• Setting up a suitable database for better planning and policy implementation;

• Provide adequate security of energy supply to Banjul and the rest of The Gambia.

Field of Expertise
  • Policy and Strategy